Building Materials & Construction Design

Building Materials & Construction Design

Range of services

Physical and chemical characteristics of building materials and constructions are examined and evaluated. Therefore laboratories, well-trained personnel and testing equipment as well as temperature and air conditioning units are available.

  • Concrete, screed, mortar, shotcrete, aggregates, lime, gypsum and cement, additives and admixtures, water, bricks, concrete paving, concrete slabs, adhesive mortars, (tile) adhesives, plasters, repair products, etc.
  • Reinforcing steel, manhole covers, structural steel
  • Natural stone paving, natural stone slabs, water building blocks
  • Insulation materials such as mineral wool, expanded polystyrene EPS, extruded polystyrene XPS, rigid polyurethane foam, wood wool, expanded perlite, blow-in insulation systems (mineral wool, cellulose), bonded EPS packs, etc.
  • Roofing, roof waterproofing
  • In-situ concrete components as well as concrete elements, masonry, industrial floors, parking decks and their coatings, thermal insulation composite systems and their components, roof structures, etc.
  • Infrared thermography, magnetic field induction and radar technology
  • Flatness and angle deviations, dimensional tolerances of components
  • Structural inspections concerning the repair of concrete elements including potential field measurements
  • Chemical analyzes (RDA, RFA, IR) of efflorescence, building materials and microscopic analysis of building materials and construction products
  • Building diagnostics for the dehumidification of masonry
  • Testing of thermal insulation systems, window installation, screeds / floor structures, roofing, plaster and paintwork, coatings, tile damage
  • Diagnoses of damages after water penetrationr / elementary events

The structural preservation of evidence of an existing structure is used to determine the condition of the structure in order to be able to prove any previous damage sor extent of damages. It should be done before the start of construction work and can be carried out by our experts on buildings, traffic areas, boundaries, etc. In addition, crack spies or permanently registering crack width measurements and moisture measurements, but also vibration measurements are used.

  • Ready-mixed concrete
  • Aggregates
  • Precast concrete products
  • External thermal insulation composite systems
  • Cements
  • Concrete Repair Products
  • Grout
  • Attachments and covers of traffic areas
  • Reinforcing steel
  • Plaster and brick binder
  • Mortars
  • Tiling
  • Cellulose insulation
  • Insulating materials of all kinds
  • Other
  • Load tests up to 5 MN
  • Frost tests up to – 30 ° C
  • Humidity tests up to approx. 95% r.h. and under water as well as moisture content
  • X-ray fluorescence analysis
  • Microscopy
  • Other chemical analyzes

With our competence and the numerous test methods we support you to transform your idea into a successful product.