Certification Body

The Certification Body of  Bautechnische Versuchs- und Forschungsanstalt Salzburg (bvfs) – bvfs-cert – is accredited by the Federal Ministry (Accreditation Austria) as a conformity assessment body for product certifications for:

  • Construction products according to the Construction Products Regulation (CPR)
  • Chain of Custody Certification to PEFC Standard (CoC)

Accreditation or notification ensures the international recognition of certificates. The accreditation is based on ÖNORM EN ISO / IEC 17065.
The bvfs-cert notified body number 1086 is within the scope of the EU Construction Products Regulation.
For the PEFC-CoC standard the bvfs-cert is notified with the number PEFC / 06-44-379.

The notification of the Product Certification Body bvfs-cert currently includes the following products:

  • Cement
    EN 197 Part 1
  • Bricks
    EN 771 Part 1 to 5
  • Mortars
    EN 998 Part 2
  • Building lime
    EN 459 Part 1
  • Plaster and masonry binder
    EN 413 Part 1
  • Aggregates
    EN 12620, EN 13043, EN 13055 Part 1, EN 13139, EN 13242, EN 13450
  • Precast concrete products
    EN 1168, EN 13224, EN 13225, EN 13747, EN 14843,
    EN 14844, EN 14991, EN 14992, EN 15050
  • Thermal insulation
    EN 13162, EN 13163, EN 13164, EN 13165, EN 13166, EN 13167, EN 13168, EN 13169,
    EN 13170, EN 13171, EN 14064-1, ETAG 004
  • Fibers for concrete
    EN 14889 Part 2
  • Timber structures
    EN 14081 Part 1, EAD-130090-00-0303
  • Repair of concrete structures
    EN 1504 Part 2 to 4
  • Mortar and adhesives
    EN 12004

In addition to Austria, the bvfs also has an up-to-date notification agreement with PEFC Germany and PEFC Italy and can thus offer PEFC CoC certifications for companies in the neighboring countries Germany and Italy.

Homepage PEFC-Austria

Homepage PEFC-Germany

Homepage PEFC-Italy

The following certificates have already been issued, evaluated or withdrawn by the Certification Body of bvfs:

All certifications are carried out in multi-stage procedures according to ÖNORM EN ISO / IEC 17065. The essential points are:

  • Application for certification
  • Preparatory phase
  • Evaluation (inspection / audit)
  • Assesment
  • Certification decision
  • Certification documentation

The certification period from commissioning to issuing the certificate is usually about 1 month. Depending on the process / product, longer processes may occur.

Depending on the procedure (or product), there may also be various changes in the processing. These are described in detail in our certification programs. Ask us!