FAQs – Verification

FAQs – Verification

The re-verification period for scales and weights is 2 years.

The Verification Body is only liable with regard to the correctness of the measuring instrument and not for the correct use of the measuring instrument. Likewise is not liable for the quality of the measuring instrument (this has only the manufacturer).
Excluded from liability are events that invalidate the verification.
(§ 48 extract MEG). (*)

Within the scope of its authorization, the Verification Body also issues verification certificates. This is on the one hand a confirmation of the performed verification as well as an internationally recognized test certificate for the metrological feedback of measuring instruments in the context of quality standards (for example ISO 9001: 2000). How a verification certificate must look can be taken from the appendix to the Eichstellenverordnung.
The Verification Body also issues so-called calibration confirmations. However, these verification confirmations do not constitute proof of traceability to national or international standards for the representation of the physical unit in accordance with the International System of Units (SI) in the sense of a verification certificate.

Yes – according to the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labor and the Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying, the activities of maintenance and verification are compatible in a Verification Body.
The employees of the Verification Body are not involved in the development, production or sale of the measuring instruments according to § 2 of the Eichstelleverordnung. (*)

Yes, if the verification test can not be carried out at the moment.
(Ex .: no equipment or third-party product) (*)

The verification technician must take activities that are directed at the user in the case of a measuring instrument exceeding the error limits.
These are the lock of the measuring instrument or devaluation of the verification stamp. (*)

Anyone who has submitted an application / order for verification in December, but the Verification Body can not comply with this (appointment within 2 months) may no longer use the measuring instrument in legal metrology and can be displayed.
We therefore recommend a latest order in October of the current year.
Backdating during verification is currently not permitted. (*)

The Accreditation Authority for Verifivation Bodies in the Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth has published an information leaflet for users of POS systems

Authorized signatory is an employee who is in a contractual relationship (service or
works contract) to the institution of the Verification Body and which, in accordance with the authorization notice, has the right to carry out verifications
on certain types of measuring instruments.(*)

There is no “grace period”. Measuring instruments that may not meet the requirements
not be verificated, even if a verification stamp by the verification authority attached
has been.(*)

(*) Bei diesen Antworten handelt es sich um Aussagen der Ermächtigungsstelle für Eichstellen im Bundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen.