Testing Laboratory

The Bautechnische Versuchs- und Forschungsanstalt Salzburg (bvfs) is accredited by the Federal Ministry (Accreditation Austria) as a Testing Laboratory. The accreditation is based on ÖNORM EN ISO / IEC 17025.

The quality of building materials, components and building structures means the sum of the mechanical as well as the chemical and building physical properties.

The requirements for these properties are already to be determined at the planning stage and must be sufficiently formulated for the construction and supply contract. It is also essential to regulate the type and number of quality certificates to be provided in the contracts in order to avoid subsequent discrepancies.

The tests are carried out as an independent third party for all parties involved in the construction and thus guarantee the greatest possible objectivity in order to be able to assess the existing quality.

For the determination of causes of damage as well as for the removal of various ambiguities with regard to building materials or superstructures as well as their properties, structural inspections are usually indispensable. It is essential that these are done by an independent body.

An important prerequisite for the planning and construction of structures is the knowledge of the existing subsoil. Subsoil investigations are required for this purpose.

Structural conservation of evidence of buildings before, during and after construction work to document the condition of the building